What You Need To Know About Good Customer Service in 2018

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When you’re in business, customer service is not only integral but the main reason why you’re in the commercial industry in the first place. (Well, aside from the money, that is.) Hence, customer service in your online printing should be a basic asset that your customers would see that’s why they will keep you as their printing company no matter what.

Good customer service therefore should be practiced in your online printing company at all times. Here are the fundamental things you need to remember about customer service.

Who’s the boss?

It’s definitely not you. Because if it is, then the term should be “business owner service”. Kidding aside, you have to remember that it is always about your customers. You wouldn’t be where you are right now anyway if you don’t have customers to show for. And they are the ones giving you your salary that makes your business possible in the first place. So listen to what your customers are telling you. You can only provide them what they need if you know what it is they’re looking for. They are actually telling you what they want. You don’t need to guess.

Listen. Not just pretend but take time to really listen to your customers so you get to identify their needs and wants. Listen to what they’re saying, watch out for their body language, and pay attention to what they feel. Don’t make assumptions about what you think they want. Give them your undivided attention and they’ll freely tell you what they need.


Not only identify, but also anticipate the needs of your customers. Look at the reasons why customers are buying. You’ll notice that most of them are based on the emotional rather than the logical. The more you are in tune with your customers, the better you’ll become at predicting what more they need. The key is in communicating with your customers regularly so you would be aware of their issues and concerns, as well as their needs in the future.


The foundation of good customer service really is in making your customers feel appreciated and special. You are doing what it is you’re doing for your customers because you really believe in providing them the best service you can ever provide. And you’re sincere about it. Customers know whether or not you care about them. So think of ways you can create good feelings about your business every time your customers go to you for solutions to their needs.


Always look for ways to provide assistance to your customers even if you do it pro bono. Always act on their requests; and if you won’t be able to do it yourself, refer someone who can. It takes only a few minutes of your time to provide your customers with information they need. But the act would be remembered by them for a very long time.


Always do what you tell your customers you’re going to do. Don’t promise anything that you know very well you can’t deliver. If you can’t give your customers what they’re looking for, you can always help them find someone who can. And they’ll appreciate you for it.


This is especially true every time something goes wrong. It’s not that difficult to say you’re sorry. The more you say it, the easier it becomes. A complaint is something that you should consider as a blessing because you have been given the opportunity to correct a wrong and improve on your service. So value every complaint that comes your way. They would give you the means to enhance your customer service, and therefore the golden opportunity to make your customers become loyal to your business.

Finally, good customer service boils down to one thing: treat your customers well. And your customers will reward for it.

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